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Requested Niall Imagine

*Your POV*

"How’s it going?" The question I’m really tired of. "Good" with a faked smile on my mouth, the answer I’m done with. That’s it. I won’t lie to anyone anymore. I’m tired of it. Niall hasn’t treated me for a long time not as well as before. That doesn’t mean that we couldn’t get with each other at all. It just means that Niall’s… I don’t know he changed. It seems as I don’t really mean anything to him now. He tells me that he loves me but that doesn’t mean that I believe him. We didn’t do anything together as a couple for a long time now and I miss him. So I’m trying anything to do more with him my new plan: I called the boys and asked if they wanted to go out clubbing with us because IF Niall still does go out with me, only with the boys. Right now we’re sitting in the car. Silence. I look at him but he doesn’t notice. Actually it was the perfect timing to talk about it but we’re on our way to a club. I just couldn’t speak about it, so I didn’t say anything we drove to the club when he had fun at least. Niall got drunk really fast. "Does anyone want new drinks?" Liam shouted trying to drown the loud music. "Yeah" nearly every one of us shouted so I went with him to help him.
“Everything’s alright Vik?”
Liam and I have been best friends till…I don’t know forever but since Niall changed I was focused to get the old Niall back so we didn’t talk in a while. It’d help more than anything else to talk to Liam, he has always been there for me, always understood me and always gave me tips. As answer I just shrugged. We brought the glasses back to the tables where we sat and Liam dragged me out of the club. “What’s up? Don’t try to tell me now that everything’s fine with you and Niall I can see that something’s wrong so tell me. You know you can trust me.” He gave me a sad smile. I was so glad that at least someone asked and that this someone was Liam was even better. “I…I don’t know it feels like he doesn’t love me anymore.”
“Don’t be silly Vik. Niall loves you more than anything else.”
“I’m not sure about that. I feel like…I think he has another girl maybe.”
“No! I’m sure he hasn’t trust me!” “Well then watch us tonight. I’ll try something.” You said and turned around to go back to the club. When you two where inside again you began with your plan. “Hey Niall…wanna go home babe?” You started and looked at Liam who watched you. “Nah, I wanna stay. If you want you can go.” He answered. “But Niall I want to be with you.” You told him. “Then stay. I’ll stay and drink some more.” He said when you were done. You took your purse and went angry outside. When you were about to go into the car someone held your hand. “Liam.” You said. “You can’t drive you’re drunk.” He answered. “Liam I’m not drunk. One glass. That’s all. I’m fine really.” You smiled. “Okay but…don’t you want to talk?” He asked worried. “I-I think that’d be a good idea.” You looked down. “Well then, give me the keys I’ll drive.” He held his hand out waiting for you to hand him the keys. You agreed and walked on the other side of the car. In the car there was nothing but silence, but not an uncomfortable silence like it was with Niall, somehow it felt good. Liam always turned his face to look if you were alright you gave him a smile so he could look back on the road again. Liam skipped the exit to his house and continued the road to Niall’s and yours. He knew that wouldn’t be a problem. Niall knew that Liam and you were best friends, actually Liam introduced Niall and you and well…Niall doesn’t even care. Soon you arrived home, you opened the door and went towards your living room to put you jacket and purse down on the couch where Liam took a seat. “Want to drink something?”, you asked him.

“Nope, I’m fine thanks.” He answered waiting for you to talk. Liam was the only one who understood you and the only one who didn’t make you feel like you got him on his nerves when you talked about your problems.

The whole story. You started and the two of you talked for about half an hour. “Are you serious? I didn’t know what was going on. Why didn’t you talk to me?” he asked worried.

“I don’t know I was focused on Niall and our problems I think, but now I’m feeling better. I think I just had to get it all out of my chest.” You smiled feeling better after your intensive talk.


“Err-yeah?” you asked confused. You didn’t notice that Liam just asked you something. You saw Liam getting closer to you and somehow you didn’t really mind. Especially when he has those big shoulders and chocolate brown eyes.
“Would you..err..mind?..’’ he brought his lips closer to yours. You both hesitated before YOU closed the gap.

You really don’t know how and why you ended up like this, but Liam is now straddling you on the couch and is slipping his tongue in your mouth. It gets hotter in the room and you couldn’t help but slip your hands under his shirt. You felt him shiver under your touch. He attached your neck with his lips and you had to bite your lip to stop yourself from moaning . As a hot breath left your mouth, Liam straightened himself and tossed his shirt onto the ground. He began to undress you too and soon you were only in your underwear. Liam trailed down your body with his tongue and this time you couldn’t hold in the moans.

“Are you sure about that?” Liam asked. You just nodded because if you began to talk, you’d realize that this is so wrong.

As Liam made his way to your bra, you heard the front door open. You both stopped shocked and Liam rolled over quickly.

“Vik?’’ you heard Niall shout.

“Shit” Liam hissed under his breath. “What shall we do now?”

“I don’t know… he’ll be here any second”

“Babe?” you heard that Niall was closer now.

As you heard the door knob click, you closed your eyes because now you are aware of the fact that you were just “cheating” on Niall. With Liam. You could imagine what would be happen in the next seconds when Niall sees you.


Neither of you could meet his eyes. Shit. Why did you do this? You and Liam were both in just your underwear. On the corner of your eyes, you could see Niall coming closer to you. You opened your eyes and it felt like your heart was going to explode. There wasn’t just anger in Niall’s eyes, but there was also disappointment. Tears rolled down his face and you wanted to wipe them away but Niall snapped your arm away.

“Why?” Niall’s voice cracked. “I trusted you! I fucking trusted you!” Niall’s voice was no longer angry, just sad. “I’m sorry..” you mumbled. “YOU ARE SORRY? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? YOU MIGHT BE SORRY!” Niall screamed again. You winced, it was the first time he shouted at you like this. He was so close you could literally feel his angry breaths.

“Mate, it’s not her fault” Liam tried to calm Niall down. “Don’t” Niall whispered “Don’t you dare talking to me. Liam, I would expect that from everyone but not you. You were my best friend. I trusted you my life and what did you do? You fucked the one who means the most to me”

“We didn’t” you whispered.

Now Niall’s face was close to you again and you looked each other deep in the eyes. “But you wanted to” Niall’s voice cracked again. “Look, I can explain” you tried but he won’t listen to you. “No. I don’t want to hear you speak right now. I don’t even want to be in the same room as you” he picked up your clothes and threw them against your chest so you had to catch them.

“Niall!” you shouted and ran behind him. You stopped to put on your pants and ran instantly downstairs still trying to catch Niall.

“Niall.” You yelled at least one more time. He turned around and faced you. “What?” he started. “Do you wanna tell me that it isn’t what it looks like? That you’re sorry, that you have an explanation?”

“No, Niall. I-I want…” you hesitated.

“Speak or leave I don’t wanna see you here anymore.” He interrupted you.

“I’m tired Niall, I’m done you don’t know that I’ve been through hell the last months. You didn’t even care. I’ve tried so hard to speak to you, to save our relationship but the only feeling you showed me was ignorance. I’m feeling no more loved by you and you don’t even notice.” You yelled at him.

“Is that the way you try to apologies?” he took a step closer to you.

“I…” you started knowing that he was right.

Niall shook his head and turned around again. You saw that his eyes were filled with tears again and he tried to hold them back.

“I don’t wanna lose you.” he said. “Me neither.” You said and sat next to him on the couch. Silence again. You heard the door when Liam left your house. “What are we supposed to do now?” he asked.

“I don’t know Niall. I don’t know what we have to do, what I have to do and how to apologies. You are right. I could’ve talked to you. There’s always a way but…I don’t know. It was hard for me you know? You were away on tour and when you came back you were like changed all I need is you all I want is you and I felt like all YOU wanted was me to leave.”

“How could I. Why would I want you to leave? You’re my everything. The last one who’s left.” He said. “I’m angry and disappointed, but not only of you. I should’ve listened to you. I don’t know what to do. I mean you cheated on me Vik.”

“I know. Niall I know and I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me. Liam just listened to me and…please don’t be mad at him. You’ve been friends for so long and I don’t wanna be the one who destroys everything. Also One Direction. I love you Niall and it’s really hard for me to say this right now but… if you want me to leave I’ll do. Not because I want to…because I love you and what I did was absolutely wrong and I’d understand if you couldn’t forgive me. You deserve better.” You said looking at him. He looked up of the floor directly in your eyes.

“I don’t want you to leave. I love you too but it’s not easy to see my bestfriend with my girlfriend, and it won’t be okay after a month. I really still love you and don’t wanna lose you but I don’t know what will happen….” You saw that he was about to say something what’d be very hard for him. “Maybe we could try again.” He said looking back on the floor.

“Really?” you said smiling tears in your eyes.

“Really. I love you too much to let you go and besides you didn’t really slept with him…” he said insecure. You could feel that he tried to get over it and really loved you but you also saw how hard it was for him.

You looked at him with tears in your eyes when he wiped them away. You rested your forehead on his.

“Do you love him?” Niall interrupted the silence again.

“No.” you whispered.

“I only love you Niall. It was a mistake. One I didn’t think about and one that’ll never happen again. I promise.” You sobbed.

“I love you too Vik.” He said.

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